Huawei Switzerland Site Acquisition for Huawei in Switzerland (Sunrise Turnkey Project)
 photo Switzerland Site maintenance, Site repair and LOS problem solving projects.
  Switzerland Site Acquisition for various General Contractors in Switzerland.
  Switzerland Site Acquisition for Huawei in Switzerland (Sunrise Turnkey Project)
 image010 Switzerland (1) Planning and construction of the DVB-T access system in Switzerland for SWISSCOM Broadcast.
(2) Planning and construction of a new radio transport access network on behalf and for SWISSCOM Mobile
 image012 Germany PEGASOS Network Planning
 image014 Germany Market Survey “Planning Tools”  on behalf and for T.Systems
 image016 Germany Project Management Toll Collect Germany. A1 Mast Consolidation Project with 20,000 digitised site plans.
 image018 Germany Quality assessment on transmission network
 image020 Switzerland Implementation Management  and Budget Control for a nation- wide cellular network rollout in  Switzerland for Tele2
 image022 Switzerland Site Acquisition and Construction Services for Alcatel Lucent in Switzerland (Orange and Sunrise Projects)
 image024 Germany Project Management and Core Network design including ANSI/ITU conversion for an international MVNO
 image026 Austria Hutchison 3 Austria – Infrastruktur Bewertungsprojekt. Erstellen von individuellen Expertisen, bewerten und identifizieren von Mängeln in der Mast und Technik Infrastruktur der bestehenden Mobilfunk Sendeanlagen, sowie prüfen Zuleitungs-/Anschlussverträgen.
 image028 Tunisia Planning and construction of a  new GSM network for ORASCOM  in the crisis area Iraq
 image030 Great Britain
 image032 USA Planning and building a Mobile  Network Testlaboratory 3G
 image034 UAE PM on african subsides
 image036 Germany Various international projects
 image038 Switzerland RFQ/RFI network planning
 image040 Canada SDK development
 image042 Luxembourg 2G/3G license application
 image044 Luxembourg Operations & Maintenance,  Network Planning and regulatory  support for TANGO/Belgacom
 image046 Project Management and system  architecture for viaone, New York, Nice, Budapest
 image048 CTO for Afrika, Russia